Monday, August 18, 2008

Ministry...Terceiro Espaco Project

Sometimes moms or dads mom to check out the project. They usually have fun too!
Group dynamic. The kids had to enter the maze blind folded and find the way out, except there was no way out....we kept repeating to them, "If you need help just raise your hand!"...that was the way out.
The idea was that we need each other, and sometimes we need to ask for help in order to get out of a situation.
This a boy, Jonas,  is also in the project, but unlike the others in the project who go to school and have families to come home to, Jonas is a street boy.  I have began investing in his life a little more intensely.He is a really good kid, who just needs a little love....

Goiania- YWAM base

I wanted to show a few pictures of where Mario and I live and also do most of our ministry. Here is an arial view of the YWAM base. Our house is in the top left corner (second house from right to left). Most of the trees you see are mango trees. They are just starting to bloom now, so in a few weeks we will have never ending mangos! This picture was taken in the rainy season, we are now in the dry season and if this picture were taken now, you would see mostly hasn't rained in more than four months and may not rain for another two.

Here is us in front of our home. It is actually a house we are "borrowing" for a year, while our friends who own it are ministering in Angola. What a gift from the Lord!

This is a side view of the main office for DTS. It is one of the views you will see if you visit.

Next to it is the Administration building and Mario's office.

This is a view of the homes for students who come to do the DTS for 5 months. The blue one is the house for single staff.

Here am I at my parents house holding an Angola chicken. They are quite friendly despite their "scary apperance"!