Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Some snippets of the last two weeks

A couple days ago we finally got a chance to visit Talita. In just a month she has changed so much! Not only is she a few pounds heavier and looks healthy, but there is a wonderful joy that was not there before!
When we got to the girls home she came running to see us. She has written us about 10 notes which she handed me in a pile, instructing me to read only later. It included a note to her mom saying she is praying that God would help her give up drinking and that she wanted her family restored another for her grandfather asking him to please stop smoking because it was bad for the body God gave him, and a third for Jonas saying she loved and missed him...and another 5 were for Mario and I!
In one of the notes she wrote me asking if she could call me mom. It had hearts all over and was signed ``your daughter``. I almost cried when I read it!
What joy to see the change in her. This smile says it all!
At the girls house they are learning to make jewelry and these
beautiful flip-flops which they sell to help support the ministry.
When Mario asked her if she had made new friends, she corrected him saying, they are my sisters! We can´t wait to visit Talita again!
Last week we had what I think are the last rains of the season...
and look at what this last rain did to our road!...No it´s not a river!
The guys helped to dig out several cars from this situation!
And look at how deep the water dug in just a couple days of rain!

And here´s some of the latest pictures of the Terceiro Espaço kids...
Last friday one of our missionaries (Darlan) shared a special presentation about drugs with the kids.
 The DTS students also did two skits which the kids loved.
Usually it is hard to get them to pay attention for more than half and hour, but the presentation was 2 hours long and the kids paid attention the whole time! It was great!
Here Darlan is explaining about the use of crack and what it does to your body...
Last Saturday was little Samuel´s first birthday.
He is the first MK (missionary kid) born on the base since we have been here.
And Saturday night my dad came to do an introductory course on Scatology (end of times). We had great times of learning and discussion about this very neglected, yet super important theme!
Come quickly Lord Jesus!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Youth Retreat

This past Easter weekend, Mario and I participated of our church´s youth retreat. Mario was invited to speak to the youth about missions!
Belive it or not, It was the first time that this subject was ever addressed at a youth retreat at this church! We stayed at a beautiful farm from Friday to Sunday. Our room was the one you see below in the balcony of the building.
There were times of worship before every word...
Mario was greatly used by the Lord to challenge the young people about missions.
...and many responded in tears to the call!We also had great food......times of sharing...... and lots of games...
For the guys, soccer is a daily event here in Brazil, and it wasn´t different at this retreat!
I enjoyed the nature all around and took several walks during those days...
Mario shared about missions 5 times that weekend...
 I also shared a bit of my testimony.
God gave us some wonderful new friendships during that weekend. This is Pr. Guilherme and his wife Alexandra, they are the ones that invited Mario to be the speaker at this event. Since they assumed the youth of our church about a year ago, they have been working hard to teach the youth about missions
...and now the fruit are beginning to appear!
We praise God for the wonderful, fruitful weekend He gave us!