Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Mission Conference in Caldas Novas

A couple of weeks ago Mario and I spent a week in Caldas Novas (about 3 hours from Goiania) for a Missions conference (there were about 900 people participating nationwhile, and many of the missions in Brazil were represented (including YWAM). 
This is a well-known Brazilian anthropologist and missionary named Leorardo Lindorio. He is always very profound in his preaching.
I actually did not participate directly because I went along just to rest and get away a little bit, my parents also went, which was really nice...they kept Lucas entertained and I got to relax! Unfortunatly, because I wasn´t there, we didn´t get many pictures of the event. Sorry!

Lucas playing in the suitcase in Caldas Novas...
... and literally getting into everything!
Here he is at the pool enjoying himself and Grandpa very much!
It was such a nice relaxing week!  Praise God for times of rest like these that renew our strength!

And back at home...just some cute pictures so show how cute he is every day!
...a little stroll in the wheel barrel  to the neighbors to buy some plants for the garden...
He is already showing signs that he will be a great helper in the garden!
....but if not, at least one other talent is starting to stand out...his love of music!