Friday, January 29, 2010

Hello everyone. We are in Haiti. We arrived in Santo Domingo at about midnight on the 27th tired from a long trip, only to find out that our bus ride to Haiti would be leaving at 4am! basically we crashed on some couches for a short nap and we up again to continue our trip....
Mario and I received a whole suitcase of medical donations, but our friends Igor and Jaqueline (part of the Brazil team) received boxes and boxes the day before the trip, and by God's grace were able to bring everything without having to pay any over-weight!

We weren't sure what to expect when we arrived, but we were told that Saint Marc in Haiti was receiving hundreds of refugies, children and some wonded victims, so we decided to take the bus headed to Saint Marc....
The following is some of what we have seen and done here:
These medications have already been put to use. Today we spent the day helping the other nurses and doctors that were already here. There are teams arriving all the time, but Brazil and USA were the first to arrive here.
This is Marcelo, from the Brazil team, cleaning a wound on a young girl's foot. He is a medical surgeon and his wife Fernanda is a nurse. Today they had a lot of work to do in the temporary clinic that was set up on the base here in Haiti.
One of the main jobs that Mario and I had today was to register hundreds of earthquake victims from Port-au-Prince who came to Saint Marc. We are registering them as refugies so that they can receive government aid...Yesterday when we arrived we unpacked the donations that we brought (as well as that of the US teams) and separated them, filed them and put them on shelves.
We have done a lot here in Saint Marc, but the whole team has been feeling a bit "ansy" to go to Port-au-Prince where we know the needs are most urgent. So we are leaving tomorow at 6am to go to Port-au-Prince. We will be there until Tuesday....Pray for us!!!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

We are going to Haiti!

As we watched the devastating images of the earthquake on the news the last couple of days. We felt that we needed to do something! 
 Mario and I will be spending 10 days helping the victims in Haiti from the 27th of January to the 7th of February.
YWAM has a base in Haiti (that was not affected by the earthquake) which is hosting groups of volunteers. After we made the decision to go we sent out e-mails to ask people to help us both financially and in prayers. Unfortunatly the church in Brazil has not stood up to help in this situation, and many people were surprised at our decision to go and help at this time. In an e-mail that Mario sent out he spoke out even to the leaders of YWAM Brazil, challenging them to not be passive about the suffering of those in the world. Since making the decision we have been able to mobilize many people to help Haiti, and with just a few days until our trip, in the last 72 hours, two other couples decided to go with us from Goiania (one is a nurse, and another a medical surgeon). Another base in Belo Horizonte is also putting together a team and they will be flying out the same day as us and we will be meeting in Santo Domingo.

Please pray for us!
Earthquake hits Haiti...and let us all pray for Haiti!

Haiti earthquake

Below is a small portion of news taken from the

Distraught, covered in dust and desperate, the people of Haiti appear barely able to comprehend the tragedy that has overtaken them.
Many spent the desolate hours after the earthquake milling around in the streets or constructing the most rudimentary of shelters where they could cower for the night. The quake itself measured 7.0 on the Richter scale- but some of the 30 aftershocks were almost as strong, leaving the shanty-towns of Port-au-Prince echoing with the heartrending sound of screams and sobs.
Some clustered together for comfort. Others lay prostrate in the street, unable to pick themselves up.