Sunday, February 6, 2011

New year....New DTS...New staff...

Last week we started a new DTS at the base. It is a smaller group than normal (10 students) because the leader of the DTS got married at the end of last year so she is still technically in her honeymoon!
It seems like a fun group of students.
We had the privilege of having Jeff from the YWAM base in Oregon teach the students and staff some dynamic team building games. He came to visit us in order to see the space we have available to build a ropes course (we have a great forrest in our land). We feel his coming is an answer to prayer for our land! We hope to raise the money and embrace this project for next year.

Below are some of the pictures of the group games...
 This is Jeff (on the left) and Salomon leader of the ropes course project in Curitiba (on the right)
 And here I am with Lucas...I had to find a way to be able to hold him for a long time without carrying all his weight (he likes to be held all the time). 
 I think he likes to be bound up nice and tight!

 This is Daniel (leader of the evangelism ministry on the base) and his two kids, Samuel and Nicole

This is Sueli (Susuka) she is the financial director on the base. She just came back from Angola after spending a year there. It's good to have her back!
Jonas and Lucas. 
Sorry for the bad quality photo, but I couldn't leave this picture out. Jonas loves kids and it's fun to watch him interact with Lucas
 This week we also began our training for new staff. Mario was talking about staff policies with them here...

 I am staying mainly indoors these days, but occasionally (when Lucas is calm) I go for a stroll with him around the base...

until he realizes he's desperately hungry....and then I have to feed him quick!!
 and here are some of the latest of him just so you can see how fast he's growing!
 So happy to get that dirty diaper off!!!

 and back to sleep!...