Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Not the best of weeks

This has not been the best week for Lucas. He had a fever for two days and now diarrhea has set in! Poor baby. I think his upper teeth are coming in now!
It hasn't been too fun for mommy either. I was supposed to be in São Paulo right now with Mario and my parents to attend the annual ACTION retreat…but instead I am here alone with my sick boy. Not too fun! And daddy won't be home until Friday! It's going to be a long week! 
 Yesterday I changed 7 poppy diapers. Today Lucas got up at 4am with his first diarrhea diaper. It's 10:30am and he's already on his 3rd! This one here came out the top and there was poop all over his back.
 And as I went out to take him for a little stroll around the base (which he loves)…I saw that the ants got to my flowers last night!
 Look at the destruction! They took the only blooming flower too! NOT a good day at all!
And judging by this face, I don't think Lucas enjoyed his stroll too much today!


 But just as we were going back home, look at the beautiful Toucan I spotted in a tree (there were actually two of them- they usually fly around in pairs).
Yeah, things will get better soon!