Tuesday, September 7, 2010

YWAM 50 year celebration in Curitiba

A couple of weeks ago we had the privaledge of participating of the 50 year celebration of YWAM in Curitiba. It was a 3 day celebration and YWAMers from all over the country were gathered together to hear what the Lord had to say through Loren and Darlan Cunningham (founders of YWAM) who were present at the event. We rented a bus and were able to go as a base! Everyone that wanted to go had a chance to go! It was the first time that we took the entire base (staff and students) to participate in an event together!

We weren´t quite prepared for the cold weather we encountered!
We traveled 22 hours by bus (with only an occasional stop to eat and use the toilet). I confess it was an incredibly loooong and unconfortable trip at 6 months of pregnancy, but it was worth it!
We had great times of sharing and it really brought us closer together as a base.
Mario and I had the privelege of participating of a leadership lunch where Loren and Darlan asked us questions about what God is doing in YWAM Brazil and what ministries each of our bases had. He strongly encouraged us to focus this time in Bible distribution along with our current ministries.
John Dawson was also present and gave us an encouraging word as well....
Each region represented was able to give the Cunningham´s a small gift to simbolize our region of the country....oxen cars are a trademark for our state Goias...
We were all challenged by the words that these amazing leaders gave us and by the times of worship where God brought us together as a body...
One of the symbolic acts that took place was the signing of the Cristian Magna Carta which Mario and I both signed...
The last night at the closing ceremony the title was ``the flame goes forward``. This flame started in Loren Cunningham´s hand and spread one by one to all the people in the auditorium...It was beautiful!
We also took Jonas along with us so he could understand on a larger scale what missions is about...and see things from a new perspective. I think it was a bit overwhelming for him, but I know it was important to him because he later blurted out to me out of nowhere ``I can´t wait until I´m 18 do I can do DTS!`` 
The whole event took place at the YWAM base in Curitiba- here´s us...
This is the way Brazilians from the south make BBQ! It´s something else. This man in the middle is the ``Barbequer``. He is called a ``Gaucho`` and is dressed in traditional clothing
Since we were in Curitiba, we could not miss the opportunity to take the whole gang to the famous ``Botanical Garden``...this here is a giant great house that is often seen in postcards of the city...
They have blooming flowers all year round!
and we had fun taking pictures...I´m the one in the middle. I couldn´t jump very high because of my heavy belly! 
and here´s just a fun shot of Mario with 3 other staff in front of the green house building.
What wonderful memories!