Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Jonas' 15th Birthday!

 It's hard to believe "little"Jonas is already 15!!! On June 22 was his birthday so we had a little party for him in our home. My mom made a beautiful cake and most of the staff were there to sing Happy Bithday. I think it was very special for him.

 Mario gave a word of encouragement and we prayed over his life...

 Since we just returned from Europe we were able to buy him a really nice set of goalie gloves (he is a goalie) and a pair of cleats which he loved.
 "You take good care of those Jonas!"

 It is always fun to watch Jonas play with Lucas. Jonas is really filling in the "older brother"role well!

We pray that the Lord will continue to transform this young man's life into a beautiful vessel for His glory!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Milhomems in London

This year Mario had the opportunity of participating of a YWAM base leaders training seminar in London with Lynn Green in the YWAM base of Harpenden. We decided to take the trip as a family so we could spend some quality time together and take the chance to see sights that we always dreamed about in Europe. We haven't had a real vacation in over 2 years so we decided this would be it. How exciting it has been! This has been Lucas' first international trip and we are amazed at how good he has been during all the flying and driving and change of places. He is such a people person and goes with anyone and everyone that wants to hold him. This is him at the airport in Rio de Janeiro before embarking on the long trip to London.
We stayed in the guest house at the YWAM base in Harpenden. The base used to be an orphanage and has some beautiful old buildings. We were treated really well and enjoyed our stay very much. Mario had classes all week morning, afternoon and some evenings.

I was not able to do the seminary at this time because Lucas is too small still (4 months-well, 5 on the 2nd), but I enjoyed getting to know a lot of people and going on chilly walks around the base

The day we got there I participated of a breast-feeding support group for moms of the community. It was interesting to see how moms do things in England and I think they enjoyed hearing about how things are done in Brazil.
This building is where all the offices are. There is also a coffee shop called The Oval that I spent some time in drinking coffee and getting to know people.

I love how the English are so invested in cultivating beautiful flowers. Everyone's yard is full of them, usually hanging by the door or growing in wines on the walls of their homes.

Lucas taking an afternoon nap. Looks just like an angel

This old church building is where the seminar took place every day.
Mario in a discussion group. There were 40 base leaders from many different nations represented there.

We had a nice walk in the woods by the base one afernoon

We also participated of the chapel one evening...

and since I was not able to participate with Mario of the seminary because Lucas is too small, I took every chance to get to know people and get involved in the culture. I enjoyed an afternoon of exercise with the "Fit Mums"which is a ministry for moms of the community, most of them not believers.

Lucas enjoyed his baths in the sink!
We were surprised how much he enjoyed his walks outside even though Mario and I were both really cold, Lucas didn't seem to mind the weather at all. If he was crying we just went outside with him and he would calm down immediately!

This picture is in honor of my brother Johnny and his wife Krista, who gave Lucas this shirt. Look how handsome he looks in it!

Lynn Green teaching the students

On the closing day we had a BBQ at the Green's home with all the leaders and their families.

Lucas was very popular at the BBQ with all the ladies!
After we left Harpenden we spent a few days at a Brazilian couples home in another town in London called Brigeston. Pr. Fabio and his wife Natalia pastor a Brazilian church there. London is full of Brazilians! Lucas is close to 5 month now and seemed very eager to eat real FOOD… I gave in and have started giving him some fruit and yogurt which he is just loving!
Pr. Fabio invited Mario to speak at the monthly missionary service. It was great for him to be able to preach in Portuguese.
We meet many families who have lived here for years and raised their families in this foreign land.

Of course being in London, we did not miss the opportunity to be tourists also. We spent a whole day walking around downtown London and seeing all the famous sights!

Brigeston is fairly close to Stonehege, so today in the afternoon we borrowed Pr. Fabio's car and had a pleasant drive to that interesting place. Lucas slept the whole way there!

Pr. Fabio and his wife are graciously lending us their car for a couple of weeks so we can drive down to Italy where we will be spending a few days with my good friend Letitia who was my room mate for a couple years in college.  On the way we will be stopping by two YWAM bases in France and Switzerland.