Saturday, May 15, 2010

Today is Johnny´s birthday. For those of you who don´t know. Johnny is my oldest brother. He lives in San Berdardino, California...reason why I only get to see him every couple of years. Last time we were together was in May of 2009!!!  Way too long!...and I sure miss him! I wanted to post some pictures of him to honor him on his big day!
This is Johnny and Krista, his beautiful wife:
Johnny works at this big company that fixes all kinds of airplanes. He was always an excellent mechanic and loved airplanes as long as I can remember...I think this job was a perfect fit for him! Next time we visit I would like to get a tour!
Looks pretty intricate!
                                  and look at the size of this thing...
On our last visit  (which was also our first as a couple) Mario got to see Jonny working on his car (an old Mercedes he picked up at the junk yard and fixed up like new)
Mario also got to ride on the new fixed-up bike 
Mario and I have great memories of out time with Johnny and Krista. They took us all over the place...Disney Land, Six Flags, Hollywood...
Here´s us at Disney:
And at China Town...
and Johnny making BBQ at his in-laws
Anyway, These are just some snippets of my older brother (I also have a wonderful little brother, but luckily he lives in Brazil and I get to see him more often).
I wish you all the best Johnny. You are dearly missed and dearly loved.

Friday, May 7, 2010

We´re Pregnant!

A couple of weeks ago I took a pharmacy test because I was a bit suspicious that I was pregnant...and to our joy, my suspiscions were confirmed! Yesterday I had my first ultrasound and we got the see his or her little heart beating> It´s so exciting to know a little life is forming inside of me.
From the doctor´s calculations I am 7 weeks along! So our baby looks something like this:
                                          Soon we will be holding a bundle of joy in our arms....!
But meanwhile I have been feeling terrible sleepy, noscious and thinking a lot about Ecuadorian food!!! How I wish there was an Ecuadorian restaurant in Goiania....
Among my favorite dishes are:
Ceviche de Camaron. A cold dish prepared with cooked shrimp, lots of onions, tomatoes, lemon and orange juice served chilled and accompanied by popcorn and...
Patacones! My ultimate favorite snack! Fried green bananas (but it´s a special type of banana that I haven´t found here in Brazil)

Another Ecuadorian delicacy are ``Llapingachos``...mashed potatoes stuffed with cheese and lightly fried on each side! They are awesome!
And then there is ``Locro de Papas`` Yummy potato soup with cheese and a bunch of other good stuff! It´s no regular potato soup!
So I guess I have been craving a lot of banana and potatoes....It´s what is plentiful in Ecuador and what I grew up eating!
I hope to get inspired in the next few days to cook some of these favorites. I am sure Mario will appreciate them too!