Friday, June 25, 2010

Our New Home

Remember this old house we started remodeling back in December?
Well, look at it now!! It´s finally finished and we´ve moved in! What a joy and privaledge to have our own home. It was a lot of work, time, energy and money, but it´s our! Praise GOD!
Please...come in and have a tour...!
This is our new living room...we are now saving up for a new couch, cause if anyone comes over to visit there is no where for them to sit (our little couch only fits the two of us!)

This is our lovely bedroom, complete with a wonderful new bed (thanks to my dear friend Letitia! You´re awesome!) and our new closet!
In this room we get a nice breeze from the window...but also lots of dust since we still don´t have a lot of grass to cover the dirt yet, so I have to mop the house a couple times a week since Mario has allergies!

Now we also have our very own bathroom! Sooo nice!

And this is the guest bedroom...but not for long because we want to turn it into the baby room! But don´t worry, there is always room for guests in this house!
You can´t tell in this picture, but the walls are actually a soft green.

and guests also get their own bathroom!

We also took advantage of a nitch that the old house had (it was a dark walk in closet from the guest bedroom) and made it into a very useful office space...this is where I am sitting right now as I post this!
and next to the kitchen is our laudry room...

and on the other end of the kitchen this storage space we call the ``mess room`` 

Here´s my favorite space...the kitchen! It´s my own design! I still don´t have my bar stools or any cabinets...but they´ll come- eventually I hope! For starters I remodeled and old crate and turned it into a shelf for plates and a few pans.

My favorite is this window space where I can put my violets...a tradition my mom started when we lived in Ecuador.
This ceramic pot (with the violet) is almost 30 years old. My mom bought it the first year couple years we moved to Quito and, get this, kept the SAME violet for almost 20 years in it! She gave the plant away to a friend in tears when they left Ecuador (but luckily she kept the pot, which I now have...I hope I can keep this violet alive at least 10 years!
Last weekend we had a very special guest come stay with us...Talita! It was the first time she came to visit again since she went to the girls house. It has been a joy to see the tremendous change in her life. She is now a profesing Christian and is not ashamed to tell everyone about it...especially her family!
That Sunday I took her to visit her old house....this is the condition that she and Jonas lived in (Jonas is also living at the base again!)
Here´s one of the bedrooms, good thing you can´t smell this picture, because it sure would stink! I spared everyone a picture of the bathroom, which is that dark hole in the wall you see there in the corner of the room...
One big victory in this visit, was that Talita was able to convince her granfather to take that image of the black Mary you see on the wall. She is called Mario Aparecida and is worshiped in Brazil by both Catholics and Spritists. It is not the image of Mary mother of Jesus, but of some other black lady which the slaves brought to Brazil long ago. It is supposed to bring good fortune ...but look what she has done to this house!
and this is the living room, I guess...

The kitchen...

The holes on the cabinet were punched out by her cousin Carlos who also sort of lives in the house (mainly he watches TV and sleeps there). Carlos is 18 and already deeply addicted to crack. Mario and I have prayed for him and tried to convince him to get help through our drug rehabilitation house, but he just doesn´t want to hear it! Pray for him too! ¨
But there were also some fun moments...we took Jonas, Talita and Paulo (Ceará) out for pizza!
Ceará (that´s the state Paulo is from and it´s his nickname) is one of the staff at the base, but we have also taken him under our wings because of his story. You know those street kids you see sniffing glue and living off the garbage...that was Ceará before he was rescued by a couple from the YWAM base in Fortaleza (state of Ceará). He was living in their home for boys since the age of 11 and last year when he turned 18 he came to our base to do DTS and now he is helping me with the Terceiro Espaço ministry! He is a joy to have around because of his submissive heart, but he has some obvious hurts from his past and a terrible temper that sometimes gets the best of him....but anyway, we consider him almost like a son too!

So here is the whole family, Mario, Talita, Jonas, Ceará and baby on the way!!
and just to finish off, I wanted to show you some pictures of this last weeks prayer meeting on the base. It was the last meeting with this semester´s DTS students.
We had a special breakfast to welcome back the students from their outreach in Bolivia.
The students will be graduating tomorow! But Mario and I won´t be there because Mario´s youngest brother is getting married tomorow! and actually, Mario has been gone all this week attending a YWAM leadership meeting in Belo Horizonte! He arrived tonight! Whohooo!!!
Gotta go get ready!...