Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Another Semester has begun

I had to begin with this picture because it fits so well with the ending of a season and beginning of a new one which is where we are at right now. 

A couple Sunday's ago we had a guest speaker from Ireland come to our church and our pastor asked me to be the translator. It was a bit of a challenge but I think it went well...

And on the base, last week started the King's Kids camp. We have about 40 kids and teens participating. It has been a great experience for them, especially since for most of them, this is their first time ever going to camp.

 This is Mr. Zé…He is the only hired worker we have on the base and he takes care of pretty much everything farm related, cows, milking the cows, planting, weeding, cutting, making and fixing fences, you name it…this mighty man can do! What most people don't know is that he never learned to read or write, the shocking fact behind that is that his father did not allow him to go to school because "it was a waste of time" and there was lost of work to be done. Mr. Zé told me that he tried sneaking to school a few times but it always resulted in a severe betting from him father when he returned home.
He has quite a life story and we are lucky to have him working with us for the last 4 years.

Anyway, here are some of the happy campers in life to get lunch...  and enjoying the afternoon off...
 Here is one of the teams putting together a skit to present that evening. Jonas also participated one more time (this is his 4th Kings Kids camp!). He is the one sitting down in the picture below.
 The kid with the ball below is Samuel. He is the son of Mateus who is our drug rehabilitation center director. Lucas is constantly at the feet of anyone with a ball!
 A wonderful father-son moment...
 Jonas leading his team in prayer for the presentation of the skit they prepared:
 Practicing a choreography for the street evangelism that is part of every Kings Kids camp.
 Last week we began another DTS, this time with 18 students from various parts of the country. They seem to be a lively bunch so far!

 We had a welcome BBQ for them on the opening day.

 Here we are back with some Kings Kids camp pictures, the reason they are mixed is because our DTS and Camp are happening at the same time this year…Makes the base quite full which is great!

 More practice time…everybody off their feet! 

 Everyday the kids also learn to have a quite time in the word and also have some classroom time to learn valuable Christian principals. 

 I had to include some fun pictures of Lucas. He keeps us on our toes all day long (thank goodness for nap times)! He is very much a people person and loves to show off his musical talent!

 We have a small zoo here in Goiania. It's about $1,00 to go in per person so today we had to run some errands in town and had to take Lucas so we spent some time introducing some of God's amazing creatures to him. He loved it and the lions seemed to really love him too!

Well, I think that is it for this post. Last time I posted about my quilt project and Lucas' room makeover…I don't have the pictures here at the moment so I will try to remember to post them next time.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Creative Spurt

A couple weeks ago we had yet another DTS graduation. Even though the group was small, it was probably one of the best groups are students we have had since Mario and I assumed the leadership of the base. We were very proud to see this team of young people receive their diplomas. To our joy, 5 of them will be staying with us to do another second level school called "ETD" which will begin in August. "ETD" is a 6 month school to train students in discipleship as leaders.
We are very exited about all that is happening in the different ministries. In August we will be receiving a young Canadian named Josh who will be completing a 6 month internship with us to receive credit toward his global studies degree. He will be helping us in our next English school, which many people are already signed up to take beginning in September. I will be his mentor while he is here helping him  learn Portuguese.
July is always a "slow"month on the base because it is our semester break. I put slow in quotations because for us it is never slow….a couple days ago Mario and I cleared out Lucas' room to finally get to the reformation we had been postponing until this time. 
Unfortunately I forgot to take "before"pictures of the pealing and cracked walls, but you can have a good idea of the mess it was by what you see here:
The worst part is the ceiling which is cracked from one end to the other due to some really strong winds we had a few months ago (the window was open and caused the damage before we had time to close it). It's hard to see in the picture, but check out the hole that was left by a piece of dry wall (I think that's what it's called) that feel off.
On a happier note, I decided to take advantage of the mess the house was anyway to pull out some projects that I have been wanting to get to work on…I had been saving up some old jeans that people didn't want and decided to make a rag quilt for Lucas.

The  first step was cutting a whole bunch of squares...
Then I laid them out into a design I liked and began sewing the rows together...

Half way done with the jeans part, I still want to put a backing of another material on the back to make it soft and give it a nice clean finish.
I chose to use parts of the jeans with the pockets just to make it unique and interesting.
Maybe Lucas can put his stuffed animals in the pockets or hide something...
Speaking of stuffed animals let me introduce Mr. bunny to you…I made him for Lucas when I was still pregnant. Today it is his favorite toy which he takes on all his travels and sleeps with every night. In the morning when I pick him out of his crib he grabs bunny and insists that I kiss it before I take Lucas out. It's super cute.
I was very entertained making the quilt and forgot the hour. I was brought back to reality with a tug on my shirt and Lucas holding out another tangerine saying: "Peez" (which means, please peal this for me, I'm hungry!!)
Just then I realized it was 11:45 and the sink looked like this:
So it was time to drop my project and go back to my mommy duties. I made a quick lunch and put the quilt scraps away. Hopefully it won't be too long before I am able to get back to my quilt and finish it!

Since we live out in the country, I have always encouraged Lucas to explore all aspects of nature. Animals, plants, insects, you name it…I hope this does not backfire on me, but for now, it's cute to watch him get excited about every tiny bug he sees: Yesterday we were exploring in the grass and found this little guy:

Lucas was proudly displaying his new friend as "mamae" took pictures. 
I always find time to go for walks around the base so he can greet everyone and have some fun outside.

His favorite play spot lately is the construction site, which by the way is coming out nicely…slowly but steadily. 

They just began pouring the cement on what will be the kitchen floor.
Here's a side view of the building by where the kitchen will be.
Here's the view from the front. Eventually there will be a wall covering this angle because it is the side that is next to the soccer field.
Back at home after our exploration…Time for a nice bath and nap!
At the beginning of this year we had a huge blessing come our way…Asphalt on our main road! Last year at this time (dry season) the dust was almost suffocating us at the base from so many cars and trucks racing by on the loose dirt, by early evening the dirt would form a cloud that sometimes covered everything- we could even taste it!
Unfortuntaly, it was a mixed blessing. From what we've counted this is the 8th accident that has happened on our fence. Our land begins right in a very steep curve on the road and with the asphalt people don't slow down fast enough and hit our fence posts. Three days ago Mario took these pictures:
Two young guys on a motorcycle going way too fast on the curve. Luckily they were not badly injured. One had a broken arm with exposed fracture and the other a big cut on his head.

 A couple weeks ago we found out the main reason why they were happening so frequently lately. As Mario and I were coming home from church on a Sunday night we saw two small lights right at the place where most of the accidents were happening and when Mario got closer we realized they were burning candles left next to an "offering"to demons. We prayed canceling all witch craft that had been done there and went home. We were reminded that the enemy wants to do everything he can to discourage us in our ministry and make us quit. Many people around us do not understand what we are doing and want us out, but our fight is not against flesh and blood, it is against the principalities of the spiritual world and we must always be prepared to take a stand and be firm in him who makes us more than conquers…our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!